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Appraisal Resource Group is recognized as the leading local real estate appraisal firm for top notch service and innovative apparaisal solutions.



Appraising ranches and grazing land in the Central California area takes a mix of local knowledge and familiarity with the factors that that affect the value of ranches. Factors such as carrying capacity, water, access, topography and agricultural preserve limitations all effect value and must be properly addressed. Other factors include livestock value trends and supply and demand of ranch properties. Understanding these influences enables us to produce reliable and accurate appraisal reports.

The agricultural industry in Monterey County generated over three billion dollars in revenues in 2006. Agricultural production in Monterey County and Central California has long been dominated by row crops. Appraising row crop land requires proper knowledge of soil types, micro climates, drainage, wetlands, deed restrictions and easements. Location of the land in relation to urban influences, infrastructure as well as cooling, processing and shipping facilities is also important. We have the required knowledge
and experience and provide top quality row crop

Greenhouses and the growing of cut flowers in Central California were a major industry until competition from Central America began to undercut the market in the 1980s. Only a handful of cut flower growers remain in the area and now many greenhouses are used for growing of orchids, potted plants or seed development. Most greenhouse facilities are located in prime agricultural areas with high quality growing soil, but most are on less than ten acres which is too small to be a viable row crop property. Greenhouse properties usually contain a house and packing shed along with either wood or steel greenhouses. Many older wood greenhouses have little or no value, some are being converted for use by agricultural support services such as pallet storage, farm equipment storage and farm labor parking. At Appraisal Resource Group we know the factors and trends that influence the values of greenhouse properties which enables use to provide accurate valuation services.

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