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Appraisal Resource Group is recognized as the leading local real estate appraisal firm for top notch service and innovative apparaisal solutions.


Attorney Services

We perform a full range of residential and commercial appraisal services. A major portion of our business being estates and marriage dissolution appraisals.

With Appraisal Resource Group you can always rely on valuations which are impartial and prepared with the utmost professional integrity.

Our staff understands the importance of confidentiality in every aspect of the appraisal process and won’t accept an assignment if any conflict of interest would arise.

In dissolution cases, our preference is to work for both attorneys as an impartial third party. This will save their clients significant cost and time, as compared to having two appraisers with opposing testimony.

In those cases where opposing testimony is being presented, we work closely with our clients to make sure our logic is clearly understood by the courts, whether our testimony is needed or not. We can also help prepare for cross examination of an opposing expert witness which often proves invaluable.

We offer appraisal services to meet the needs of our clients on each appraisal order. In addition to standard full appraisals with interior and exterior inspections, we can also provide other services, some of which are described below.

Review Appraisals: This is helpful when you receive an appraisal from another party or attorney and want to find out if the value is fair and reliable, or if the value is slanted in a particular direction. We can often determine in less than an hour if the appraisal is reliable as the basis for a settlement.

Retrospective Appraisals: Our database of property sales goes back over 20 years. We can value a home retrospectively which is often needed in estate or dissolution cases.

Property Damage Valuations: We can value homes after there has been a flood, fire, landslide, earthquake or if there are mold issues. Valuations can be done prior to or after the damage, or to help determine loss in value due to damage.

Drive By Appraisals: Perfect if there is a non-cooperative spouse or tenant in the home and access cannot be gained, or when extra discretion is necessary.

Consulting: Feasibility Studies, Highest and Best Use Analysis, Rental and Lease Surveys, etc.

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