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Appraisal Resource Group is recognized as the leading local real estate appraisal firm for top notch service and innovative apparaisal solutions.


Fee Schedule (Effective January 2011)

Single Family Homes, Condos and PUDs.

Forms 1004 & 1073 (standard full appraisal)

Monterey County (most areas)   $ 395
Santa Cruz & San Benito County: Incorporated areas $ 395
  Unincorporated areas $ 395
Limited appraisals form 2055 or 704: Exterior inspection only $ 275
  Interior insp., no sketch $ 300
  Interior insp. & sketch $ 325
Review appraisals Field Reviews $ 395
Desk reviews $ 185
FHA & reverse mortgage appraisals $ 395
Relocation appraisals (ERC form) $ 550
Small Residential Income properties 2- 4 units $ 600 & up
Rent Comps & Operating income statement ( forms 1007 & 216) $ 150
Expert witness testimony and consulting services $ 150 hour

Cancellation after inspection will be minimum 50% of the fee.

** See supplemental price list for homes over $850,000, commercial and apartment building appraisals.

Commercial Appraisals (Offices, Retail stores, light industrial buildings)

Minimum commercial consultation fee ($125 per hour after minimum) $ 750
Restricted appraisal report $1,250 & up
Summary appraisal report $1,750 & up
Vacant commercial land (full appraisals only) $1,250 & up

High-end and Estate homes $425 and up

Apartment complexes (Urban areas)

Five to Eight units $1,000
Nine to Twelve units $1,250
Thirteen to Fifteen units $1,500
Sixteen to Twenty units $2,000
Twenty one to Thirty units $2,500
Thirty one to Fifty units $3,000
Over 50 units $3,500 & up.

The fees shown above are the minimum base fees for appraisals and may be subject to additional charges. Atypical homes, homes on acreage or and homes in rural areas may have additional charges.

Prices include up to three sets of original copies of the appraisal. All appraisals are prepared and signed by licensed and certified appraisers.

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and a can even accept payment through escrow when pre-approved.

Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard Welcome!

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