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Appraisal Resource Group is recognized as the leading local real estate appraisal firm for top notch service and innovative apparaisal solutions.



Appraisal of auto related properties is something we do all the time. We have appraised dozens of automotive type properties including body shops, new and used car lots, repair facilities, tow yards, wrecking facilities, gas stations, etc. We understand the importance of location, access, visibility and parking which are factors that can greatly influences the value and marketability of these properties.

Every year Appraisal Resource Group values many industrial buildings which range from modern steel buildings to concrete tilt ups to older wood structures. These industrial buildings include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, agricultural packing sheds, coolers, bulk fuel facilities, etc. Our database includes over two decades of appraisals, comparables sales and building information. No matter what type of industrial building it is, we can appraise it.

Vacant commercial land can often be challenging to appraise because a proper highest and best use analysis must be performed at the very beginning of the process. Depending on the size, location, topography and exact zoning designation, a commercial zoned lot can have many potential uses. A highest and best use analysis is designed to identify the use or uses which are financially feasible, physically possible, legally permissible and bring the greatest net return to the land. The results of the highest and best use analysis will dictate the valuation methodology and comparables used in the value estimate.

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